10 nice ways to make your wife

Sometimes it may be difficult to know how to make your wife happy. I'm not going to lie, women are hard to understand, it's a truth that does everything we, the community, need to hide. Women often want to get tense so they practically lose their minds. When they are over-stressed, they sometimes put it out on their husbands. It may be hard to understand what's going on in a woman's mind, but even though it may seem hard to please your wife, those nine tips are guaranteed to make her smile and score points!

Here are 10 tips that are sure to help improve your relationship with your wife!

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1. Attention:

Care for what goes on in your wife's daily life and ask her about everything. Let her know that you care about even the finest details. Ask her about her job or day. Ask her a lot about what you're thinking. You'll be surprised at how often you think of something she needs to tell you. Sometimes women get nervous talking about what is going on in their minds because they don't want to appear annoying by talking all the time. Make sure she knows you'd love to hear anything you want to say.

2. Support and encouragement:

 And that's very important in the relationship. Women often feel as if they can use more support in everything they do. Whether it's their job, their current hobby, their lifelong goals, they need encouragement.

Tell her that she can do it, and remind her that she will succeed and she will be there by her side every step of the way. A lot of people give up their dreams because they feel like the world is against them. If they have somebody who is constantly assuring them that they can do it, and they have somebody at all times just waiting for them, people won't give up too much. There's no better feeling than achieving your goals, so help her do that by supporting her in any way possible.

3. feelings and emotions:

 Any woman would love something behind it. There's something very satisfying about a man thinking of something about his relationship with his girlfriend. When you bring your girls a present or go out on a date, try adding an element of emotion. It can be as simple as playing a song in the car to remind you of a particular memory, or it can be a kind of big gesture. In either case, she'd love that self-regarding moment of thought. "She remembered!"

Bring your wife the book "What I Love About You" and fill it with helpful answers. Not just as a complement to her physical appearance, but the things that show you really know and value. Feelings are my favorite part and for many other women of romance. Every girl sucks at romance!

4. Dates:

Taking her on a date is your way of saying "I want some time with you so I can sit and enjoy your company." Now, dates may not be exciting for her if you always take her to the same restaurant, and she sits on your phone all the time. Try changing your schedule and taking it with you to do something you love, even if it's not necessarily your cup of tea. You'd be very grateful for your attention.

5. courtesies:

Rania says: "My husband tells me every day that I look great without makeup. I love that he did, but when I spend my time making an interesting cat eye with lipstick, that's art. If he walked up to me and said, "Wow dear I love your makeup today, this should have taken a while because it's perfect." Maybe I cry with tears of joy."

Praise her for things she doesn't think you even notice. You'll be amazed to see how high her self-esteem is, and you'll notice that this glow comes out of her smiling ... Your new favorite may be.

6. eye contact:

 Look into her eyes and show her that you love her - there's nothing more enjoyable than for someone to stop what they're doing, and look you in the eyes just as they say they love you. Eye contact can convey things that our mouths can't do. There's something so satisfying about sitting there and staring at someone's eyes, that you can't help but smile broadly.

Knowing that you're sitting there and appreciating everything about the person sitting right in front of them, it feels great. The next time you see your lady staring at her and smiling, see how long it takes for her to blush and smile. Use for your advantage the fact that making her day better can involve nothing more than eye contact.

7. always take it seriously:

 Nothing is more frustrating than when you're mad at something, and people don't take you seriously. So, even if your wife is upset about something and doesn't think it's important, take it seriously. If it matters to her, it should matter to you because you love her. Don't make her feel stupid for bothering her. If you take it seriously and talk to it, you are likely to see your point and calm down. But if you tell her it's silly, she'll probably get even madder.

8. Confidence:

Improving marriage, the needs of the wife, and making the wife happy for the woman, one of the most exciting parts of marriage is getting the best new friend she can trust. Someone can say anything and everything. but she wouldn't feel comfortable being open to you if you weren't willing to do the same. Women like to feel a need. Let her be your best friend, and you're here. If it's hard to talk to her about your feelings, try blogging with her. You can have your own journal and let her read it, or you can start a journal together, where you communicate with each other in writing.

10. Do things before you're asked:

Doing your wife's chores, many men say they hate it when their wives bother them. Believe me, women hate hearing themselves murmur too. So don't make her ask you more than once. And better yet, don't let her ask you at all. If you see the trash can full, get it out. If you see your dirty clothes on the floor, take them.

possibilities, the more you do ... The less she asks you. If you go into the kitchen to ask you to take out the trash, and you're in the middle of washing the dishes, she will probably take out the trash herself, because she's so grateful that you're washing the dishes. Try it, I bet you'll be surprised by how happy she is!

We hope this post gave you some ideas on how to make your wife happy. Try all these different tips, and you'll definitely see the results!

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