5 food You Never Put in the Fridge: Get to Know

 Foods you never put in the fridge, what are they? Why not put it in the fridge? Learn the answers by reading the article.

Foods you never put in the fridge, let's get to know them here:

Here's a menu you should never put in the fridge:

1. Whole melon

The whole melon doesn't need to be stored in the fridge, and the watermelon is found to be richer in antioxidants when saved at room temperature than in a cold refrigerator.

Antioxidants are essential when it comes to protecting your body from infections and various cancers, so if you have a complete and unopened watermelon make sure it's stored properly, you shouldn't be exposed to sunlight or other harmful sources.

When watermelons are cut in half, it is only acceptable to store watermelons in a cold place in this way, as the refrigerator protects the open parts from becoming sour and spoiled.

2. Tomatoes

Foods you never put in the fridge, one of which is tomatoes, as tomatoes have a precise structure, and cooling them makes them more vulnerable to damage because cold air stops the maturation process in their tracks.

The only case where tomatoes should be stored in the fridge is if you are dealing with highly mature tomatoes that can be kept for only 10.

You can keep the tomatoes in the fridge for only two or three days, after which they will become very bad and sour.

3. Onions

Onions are one of the most unable to withstand extreme humidity, so they're on a menu you never put in the fridge.

When storing onions, follow the following tips:

  1. Store in a cool and dry place.
  2. Avoid placing onions in large and closed bags because it may cause the air to be locked and cut off, leading to an acceleration in the process of spoiling the onions.
  3. Keep a distance between potatoes and onions, because potatoes emit gases containing moisture, and if the mixture is kept together, they are more likely to be damaged faster.

4. Honey

Foods you never put in the fridge, one of which is honey, as it should stay as far away from the fridge as possible since if honey is kept in a cold and dry place other than the refrigerator, honey can never spoil.

The reason why honey is not kept in the fridge is due to:

  1. Exposing honey to cool air can stimulate mold growth on your honey surface.
  2. Keeping honey in the fridge may cause food poisoning and serious bowel infections for you.
You should also apply the tips for keeping honey:

  1. Avoid contact with honey for any type of mineral, because minerals with honey speed up the oxidation process.
  2. You should stay away from any source of sunlight or direct heat, as these two factors are extremely harmful when it comes to the risk of damage.

5. Bread

People often don't eat a whole bag of bread, thinking they'll save some by putting it in the fridge, ignoring that keeping it in the fridge is not good, for two reasons:

  1. Starch turns into sugar, something you want to avoid because it leads to obesity.
  2. We break the starch very quickly and lose the shape of the food, causing the bread to break down when you start eating it, so you can't wrap it too much.

If you really want to keep the bread for a long time, you can use the freezer or put it in plastic or aluminum bags outside, making it safe from any moisture and oxygen.

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