6 things everyone deserves in any relationship

 You might be satisfied with a dry sandwich, even though you ordered mayonnaise. You might be satisfied with a beautiful car at a reasonable price, even if you dream of a Lamborghini. All your life, you've got to compromise on some stuff here and there. But your relationship shouldn't be one of these things. It is important to know what you deserve and to have the courage to walk away when you don't.

Here are six things everyone deserves in a relationship:


1. Mutual trust and respect

A healthy relationship requires mutual trust and respect. If your partner has a habit of ignoring your thoughts and opinions, or mocking your dreams and goals, it's time to move on. Respect yourself enough to find someone that respects you, trusts you and treats you the way you should be treated.

2. happiness

You deserve to be happy! Too often we stumble into monotonous relationships that still exist. We go through the motions day after day, and nothing changes. Don't waste time in an unhappy relationship. Find someone that makes you laugh, raises you and brings you happiness.

3. safety and security

You deserve to feel safe with your partner. When you're both together, you need to feel comfortable enough to show your weakness and be who you are. You deserve to be with someone who gives you comfort, protects and accepts you as you are.

4. passion

If you don't feel the passion in your relationship, it's worth giving it up. You deserve romance and intimacy in your relationship. If both of you lose your spark, try to reignite it. If passion goes, be prepared to move on. You deserve to share a close, emotional, and intimate relationship with your partner.

5. adventure

Whether your idea of adventure is rowing in white water in cliffs or choosing a scary movie on a date, you deserve a little adventure in your life and in your relationship! You deserve a relationship full of surprises, new experiences and unforgettable moments.

6. unconditional love

You deserve someone who loves and accepts you for who you are. One who embraces shiftiness, celebrates your successes, and stands by you no matter what. You deserve a love that knows no boundaries, a love that grows stronger with each passing day. The kind of unconditional love.

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