8 Power Points for Introverts!

 8 PowerPoints for Introverts!

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1. deep thinking

Introverts often spend a large part of their time in isolation, thinking deeply about their actions, their attitude toward life, and how to deal with it. In fact, being overly thoughtful can be dangerous, but moderate thinking, in general, can be a wonderful source of strength. The introvert's mind works differently than the social mind, which makes the introverts receive and analyze information more deeply. The most important aspect of introspective thinking is the ability to think about life and to look forward to things that may happen in the future. While this can lead to anxiety and ideas, it's an opportunity to plan for life and build tricks and strategies to achieve it. Introverts are not only good thinkers, but also great writers and authors. Practicing blogging is a good way to revise the past and make sense of it to create a better future.

The introverted mind arranges well and plans step by step for life because it visualizes well the weaknesses and the possibilities, and it's aware of things that a social person can ignore or ignore.

2. Productivity in isolation

It's often said that being around people activates the social person, but it exhausts the introvert. In fact, after a period of social contact, introverted person needs a time of isolation to regain their energy. That means that it's the isolation that activates it and therefore makes it more productive. When you're more productive in isolation, you can achieve amazing creative successes. This could be the production of an art object, an application industry, or the editing of a book, for example. These creative things are not made in meetings, meetings, or social events, they are made by a serious and committed person in his isolation. Inventor and American-Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla is an example of the extraordinary things that can be accomplished by working in isolation.

3. Creativity in self-presentation

The way introverts cope because they don't want to be the center of attention is basically to find ways to express themselves. So they're really good at art. A great part of introverted creativity is born from avoiding talking and gossiping with people all the time.

4. observation

While social people scream at each other, introverts just stay back and watch. It records what's said and it speaks only when there's something appropriate and useful to say. The legendary Taoist Lao Tzu says, "He who knows does not speak. He that speaks does not know." Lao Tzu points to the idea that maybe if you talk you automatically deprive yourself of information that your environment provides you, so we see a lot of social people talking about when they don't really know what's happening, they just talk to hear their voices, but introverts are very aware of what's happening because they see it so clearly, and that puts them in a position of strength because they know what others don't.

5. Micro eye

Because introverts are often good observers and overanalyze things in their isolation, they've trained themselves to focus their attention on the molecules that social people ignore because they're busy talking to each other. Some people can think of this as a nuisance, but it's very important. How can humans achieve greatness if no one pays attention to the molecules, sees things from a different perspective, plans well for the future, and studies the weaknesses to avoid them with all care?

6. deep ties

Introverts are good listeners. In fact, listening is a vital part of my life for a healthy relationship to work. As good listeners, they receive and record any information about the other person, and thus gain a deeper understanding of him. In this way, an introvert can more easily sympathize and console because he knows what the other person is going through, especially because he can think deeply and imagine the other person's suffering himself. The way introverts treat people close to them often leads to a deep, long-term connection.

7. Freedom and independence

 Introverts aren't usually subservient, because dependent people can't live without depending on someone and can't even imagine spending a weekend alone. According to the Stoics, not needing the outside stuff to live happily is a strength, because other people are completely out of your control. We are in our society today, in a way, dependent. But the fact that you're finding happiness in being alone is a strength because it removes the urgency of companionship that so many have. Companionship can be a good addition to your life, but since you don't need it, you're not forced into it.

8. Leadership

An introverted person is a subtle listener, and that's a very important part of leadership skills. He listens, prepares, learns about the environment, watches exactly what's going on, makes the best blueprint for achieving the best results, and makes him a good leader.

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