9 signs tell you the girl you're thinking of likes you

 Girls aren't as complicated as you think. Here are a few signs that

can help you find out if the girl in your mind loves you or not.

9 psychological signs tell you the girl you're thinking of likes you

1. She looks more nervous than usual

When you love someone, it's a challenge to tie them up. It feels like your tongue has swollen inside your mouth and doesn't want to work the way it's supposed to work. And when you succeed at saying something, the words come out into a messy mess ... I wanted to say, "Did you hear that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were going to have another child? And I said, "Prince Markle and Harry, I want to have your baby ..." It happens to our best.

Look for stress marks.

It might look a little glowing - sweating, yawning a lot, or just general fidgety. Don't get it wrong - that's not her usual style. She just likes you, a lot.

2. Listen to her talk

Great, as you're busy uncovering everything about yourself, you'll no doubt be asked if you're dating someone. We promise she doesn't ask you to be polite. Excuse me, they hunt to see if you're available.

Now is not the time to play cat and mouse or grease bread with butter on both sides. If you are unavailable, tell her immediately. According to women's psychology, this is the right thing to do. And however fun it is, it's not fair to hurt anyone.

3. She's playing games

hear us. We're not talking about games that will hurt someone else, or that will break hearts. We tend towards more mental stimulation. That's a big part of a woman's psychological puzzle

A little cat-and-mouse game, just to arouse interest and move the ball. We can say, we're not interested in playing games, but frankly, there's excitement in the chase.

4. Her body language screams "I like you"

“Body language and tone—not words—are our strongest tools of assessment,” says Christopher Vos, a former FBI hostage negotiator. Indiatimes.com presents several psychological facts that show someone loves or hates you:

  • If someone fixes their appearance in front of someone else, it's a sign of their admiration for you.
  • If someone leans at you while you're talking to them, they love you.

Standing with the body completely open to the other person is a sign that they are comfortable, and I guessed that ...She likes you.

On the contrary, things like the cross-cutting of arms and legs mean the opposite in general. Ignore, check your phone, stare away; These are not good signs either. While this isn't about women's psychology, in particular, it's about everyone.

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5. encourages you to speak out

When was the last time someone really wanted to know everything about you? No girl will want to engage in any prolonged conversation with you unless she wants to.

But when you're asked about your childhood home, Mayonnaise, your grandmother's homemade house, and what was your favorite game when you were a child, you can bet there's more to it than curiosity.

6. touch, shyness, flash, laugh at your jokes

Marvelous people, we can never rule out obvious signs that we don't need to study women's psychology for. We're talking about signs like physical contact, pink cheeks, excessive eyelashes, and then, of course, the fact that you suddenly became comedy. Who knew you were that funny?

But make sure you know the difference between being very friendly and really flirting. Because it can be embarrassing when you're already in the "friend" category without realizing it.

If the attention is a little bit more than you get from your other friends, you're probably safely saying you're okay. But take it slowly, just in case you're out of reach and then the rejection isn't going to hurt as much.

7.  They reflect your behavior, often subconsciously

According to psychologists who have been studying reflexive behavior for a long time, it turns out that when people speak they seem to have similar movements. It can be as obvious as a frown when the other person is frowning, or invisible as a sound layer.

When a girl reflects on your actions, it means she trusts you, feels engaged, and hints that you have a lot in common. “Imitation and reflection, like a lot of nonverbal communication, often occur subconsciously,” notes Psychology Today.

However, if you're alert to this reflexive behavior, you can get a good idea of whether or not she's interested in you.

8. mutual eye contact

Wow, there's a good balance between more eye contact and less eye contact. A lot of eye contact, and it's going to look absolutely eerie and a little bit of it, is going to look like you're hiding something. This is especially true when we look through the lens of a woman's psychology.

Of course, some of these are stereotypes, but even Forbes.com repeats some undeniable truths about visual communication.

“Eye contact results in a strong, subconscious sense of connection that extends even to the eyes painted or pictured.”

“We limit visual contact when we talk about something shameful or embarrassing.”

With that in mind, as long as the girl who's interested in you isn't an alien, eye contact can only mean one thing ...

9. She needs your help

Girls may adopt the old-fashioned way of being a girl in distress by letting you know that you are special to her. Most 21st-century women have a great deal of ability to deal with their own randomness, so if a woman continues to ask for your help, it may be a sign that she wants it more than she needs it.

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