Healthcare providers seek favourable insurance policy 2022

 Healthcare providers seek favorable insurance policy 2022 


Covid-19 has not only generated a health disaster, but also a financial emergency for millions of households, according to the Indian Express. Long-term illness and astronomically high medical expenditures contributed to the misery of those who were afflicted by this terrible infection.

Many people may still be healing from the effects of the disaster on their health and finances.

may be the only way to avoid such tragedies in the future and for India to become stronger and healthier.

Healthcare providers recommend that the Union government include a favorable policy in the next Union Budget to encourage all Indians to purchase health insurance.

Health insurance policies aren't simply for covering medical costs; they also give people the freedom to seek out high-quality care. Changing lifestyles and novel diseases are posing greater dangers to our societies' well-being, and we must prepare to handle these challenges effectively," stated D.V.S Soma Raju, Executive Director of SLG Hospital.

He hoped that in her Budget address, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman would emphasize the need for health insurance since only an "Insured India" will finally become a "Healthy India."

"When we're young, we're all healthy and willing to take more risks in our personal and professional lives." However, there will come a moment when we must consider the future and be ready for anything.

The Covid-19 outbreak and the immense havoc it wreaked on humanity are the perfect wake-up call. While we all need to keep safe and safeguard our health, taking out health insurance will benefit people, families, and society as a whole," said Hemanth Kaukuntla, Vice-Chairman of Century Hospitals.

Fast-paced lifestyles, bad eating habits, ever-increasing levels of pollution, and expanding rates of diseases at a young age, according to Satwinder Singh Sabharwal, COO, Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital, could lead to medical catastrophes at any stage and for anyone.

"Medical emergencies can leave families cash-strapped and without adequate insurance coverage, which can be more damaging than the disease itself," he continued.

"Every person desires to live a financially secure existence. Regardless of whether or not one has saved enough money, it is critical to apply for health insurance, as it is unquestionably the most crucial factor in achieving financial independence. "Health insurance provides quick access to medical treatment as well as the option for customers to adopt policies to their specific needs," stated C.Raghu, Director of Aster Prime Hospital.

Healthcare professionals want the Union Finance Minister to make significant allocations to upgrade the country's health infrastructure, in addition to encouraging more Indians to apply for insurance.

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