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 Heart health is linked to mental health.

Our bodies are intertwined, as we all know. Isn't this obvious? Things appear to work in our favor when we concentrate on preserving our fitness and health. Going to work develops muscles and bones all over the body, but it also accomplishes so much more. It also aids in the improvement of mental and cardiovascular health. Exercise benefits your whole health, both physically and mentally, rather than just one component of your body or system.

So it's likely that the fact that new research backs up this common-sense understanding won't surprise you. Many of the same risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular difficulties also contribute to issues that can exacerbate brain health concerns, according to a team of researchers working with the American Heart Association. Stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and other kinds of dementia are all linked to the same factors that cause heart disease.

With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the United States and an increasing number of Alzheimer's cases being reported around the world, the need to understand the causes and risk factors for dementia is critical. That is one of the reasons why this research is so important. Data on heart and brain health is interpreted differently in each country. The goal of this study was to standardize findings so that major overlaps could be found more easily.

There are a few key risk factors for heart disease, including smoking, hypertension, obesity, and cholesterol issues. According to research conducted by the American Heart Association, these identified risk factors significantly enhance the chance of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

What's the good news? Quitting smoking, working closely with doctors, exercising, and eating a nutritious diet early in life can all help someone avoid heart disease. If the findings of this study are right, these same factors may also aid in the prevention of dementia.

The findings were reported in the journal Circulation. Hopefully, this information will aid future researchers in their efforts to assist even more people.

Both heart and brainhealth are important aspects of elder living. Early detection and treatment of these problems can lead to improved general health in the elderly, but for many who are now experiencing serious problems, the time for prevention is past. That's why having a strong, loving team on your side is so crucial.

This group should include a professional care staff. Trained carers can often assist with preventative measures including making sure medications are taken and appointments are kept. They can also assist by encouraging someone to remain physically and intellectually active. The mental health component is frequently one of the most appreciated of all benefits that a professional caregiver brings. Conversation and company can often be enough to improve mental health. Of course, speaking with a professional is critical if something more serious is required.

Other advantages of in-home care exist, and we'd be happy to discuss them with you in greater detail.


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