Symptoms of in girls

 What are the symptoms of autism in girls? What are the possible complications, too? Important information you find in this article

Symptoms of in girls

 Autism is a neurodevelopmental malfunction that begins in the early years of an individual's life and causes numerous symptoms that significantly affect communication and social skills from one patient to another. We will address the symptoms of autism in girls in particular in the following article 

Symptoms of autism in girls

The symptoms of autism are very similar for boys and girls, but often the symptoms are ignored for girls or the girl's ability to conceal and disguise her symptoms is greater than what may lead to neglect or neglect the diagnosis of the patient or misdiagnosis, or late in the day preventing her from receiving the care and support she needs 

In other cases, the symptoms of autism do not appear in the female patient, such as males, as the symptoms may appear less severe or less obvious

 Symptoms of autism in girls: Popular

Before touching on the symptoms of autism in girls, you should know that the symptoms must be severe enough to interfere with the performance of normal daily functions, considering the patient suffers from autism. These symptoms include 

At age 12, the girl does not respond by calling her name-

Prefer not to hold them or embrace them-

Do not follow the instructions given to it-

You're trying not to look at something when someone else points at it-

A child can't explain what you need or want-

You're having difficulty understanding the feelings of others-

It depends on others to guide and talk about it-

They are interested in limited and restricted emotional interests, for example, because they may be overly concerned about television personalities

Unusual sensitivity to sensory stimuli, such as noise, bright light, or strong odors-

Symptoms of autism in girls: Not Popular

Symptoms of autism are common and unusual girls 

The patient has a low level of depression and poor control of feelings when they are sad or frustrated, which makes them suffer psychological collapses

Suffering from depression, anxiety, and temperament in a large way, these symptoms are not limited to the autism patient but may be very related

Her conversations are limited to certain interests and do not take into account the feelings of others during the conversation, which makes her have difficulty forming friendships and relationships

 Symptoms of autism in girls: Study Results

According to a large study conducted on this subject, many symptoms that appear more widely on female autism patients, including the following 

They suffer from greater difficulties of social interaction than males-

They have less ability to adapt to the ocean-

Have less ability to focus too much on a particular subject or activity-

They have more emotional, cognitive, and linguistic problems-

They have a greater tendency toward aggressive behavior-

However, further long-term studies on this subject are needed to produce confirmed results- 

Autism complications

The following complications may occur for the autistic patient 

 sensory problems

The autism patient may respond to sensory stimuli, such as Lights, noise that is unusual and exaggerated, and may not respond at all to other senses, such as Intense heat, cold, and pain 

 Nobles (Seizures)

It is common for an autism patient to develop epileptic seizures, often starting in childhood and adolescence 

 Mental health issues

The opportunity for depression, anxiety, and impulsive behavior increases, and the mood swings in the autistic patient 

Autism diagnosis

Because there is no lab test where a child can be diagnosed with autism, doctors often resort to watching the child's behavior and behavior and listening to parental complaints 

We also know that autism is very different from one patient to another. Some may make them unable to live their lives normally while others are very intelligent and able to live independently, so to get a thorough diagnosis of your child, they will go through two stages of diagnosis 

Visit the doctor so that the child can be evaluated by monitoring his behavior and asking some questions to the parents. The evaluation may take 18-24 months to ensure autism

Undergo some tests by a child psychologist, speech and language specialist, and others

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