The effect of first on your life and future relationships

 We all remember the first ones in our lives. Our first day in school, our first day in college, and our first day at work, but of all the early ones that really get stuck in our heads, is our first love.

"First love is something that lasts forever in your heart. It's your thing." Elodie Young


But why is first love a big problem after all?

According to Art Aaron, professor of psychology at New York State University, "Our first experience will say something better, more than subsequent experiences. There's supposed to be more excitement, especially if it's fairly scary. Falling in love is a bit scary - you worry that you will be rejected, you worry that you will not live up to their expectations, and you fear that they will not live up to yours. Worrying too much about falling in love, especially the first time."

The first love experience is also amplified in our brain because our brain and our bodies are flooded with all the chemicals and hormones of love for the first time, and the novelty of the experience stays in our head.

"I assume from a biochemistry factor of view, you are tormented by positive hormones that you've got in no way felt before.

It's like puberty; It's physical, it's emotional, it's intellectual. It can be spiritual for some people," says dating expert and psychologist Melanie Schilling.

Our past love courting is likewise formative as it turns into a blueprint for the way we outline love.

It becomes a kind of model in which all of our relationships are measured sequentially. 

Whether we spend the rest of our lives with our first love or not, whether we suffer in our first experience or not, whether we cry or we rejoice, the experience of the first love has great dimensions and wonderful effects on our future life, you don't have to suffer anymore, so these are 7 gems of the beautiful wisdom we can take from the first love experience:

1) It tells us how deeply connected we feel to someone:

The first experience of love shows us what it feels like to be in deep communion with someone and what it feels like to be emotionally supportive and intimate.

No matter how the relationship ends, it allows us to experience the full range of beautiful feelings that love involves.

2) We learn how to put others before ourselves:

Our first love teaches us to look beyond ourselves and extend ourselves to the other. It teaches us how we feel to love someone unconditionally

These are invaluable lessons that help us in any of the cascading relationships we may form in life.

3) We learn how to communicate and solve our problems:

Our first love is a land of learning where we navigate how to communicate and work on our problems.

We learn what works and what doesn't work through trial and error. teach us how to create a safe and loving space for healthy communication ...

4) We realize what we want in the relationship and what is breaking our deals:

Our first relationship helps us explore ourselves and increases our self-awareness. It helps us to discover our desire and preferences.

It makes us realize what we want and value in a relationship and what it is to break absolute deals.

All this learning helps us make wise choices next time.

5) Inspire us to be better people:

The first love has a childlike intensity and innocence. The sheer magic of first love and company makes us want to believe in the good of the world.

We want to become better people and repay that love many times over.

6) We understand the difference between infatuation and mature love:

The first experience of love teaches us to differentiate between adoration and mature love. We realize that love doesn't mean spending every minute of waking up together or getting baptized together.

We learn that mature love is when two people come together and support each other to be the highest possible version without losing their individuality in the process. 

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